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How to Promote Your Restaurant Business in London

By Judy Tse | Branding & Marketing , Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant in the UK

While excellent food and high-quality service are necessary for making your restaurant unique, they are not enough to make your business a success. Employing effective restaurant marketing strategies must go hand-in-hand with all other business operations. As the competition is also getting fiercer, your marketing will be paramount to making a name for your business.There […]

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How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant

By Judy Tse | Branding & Marketing , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant in London

Incorporating automation technology in your restaurant in London can significantly transform your restaurant management. It reduces waiting time for your customers and improves employee efficiency, both of which help improve customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers happy is critical if you want them to return and share kind words about your establishment.Management is a process that […]

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