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How to Become a Franchisor Ready to Grow

Even If You Only Have One Property…

These are NOT just theories…

…We produce the attractive franchise presentation and information documents and support you in the creation of an appropriate legal agreement and development strategy, and in designing the financial, legal and commercial architecture!

Franchise recruitment nationally and internationally

This service is for you if…

… you want to work with an agent representative which manages the process until the execution of the franchise agreement and works with you and the franchise to launch the venture.


Are you the …

  • A small to medium business owner looking to franchise?
  • A landlord developing a concept or a franchise? 
  • An operator looking to expand?
  • Arand seeking local and/or international growth?


If you answer YES to any of the questions above, please read on…

  • Is your hospitality business profitable?
  • Can a prospective franchisee earn at least £30k pa. running a business similar to yours?
  • Are your hospitality business systems easy to replicate?
  • Do you have proven sales and marketing strategies in place?
  • Does your business have a good reputation?

If you answer YES to the above questions, then your business has a very good chance of being franchised.

We formulate a sensible national and international development strategy which includes the following:

Franchise Model

Assuming you have a profitable business, we will create the business model and establish the brand, the best methodology to scale up your business and what sort of ROI you will need.

Franchise Prospectus

We will create a marketing brochure which outlines the opportunity on offer. This is often the first document which a potential franchisee will receive after making their initial enquiry. We will paint the picture of what life might be like as your franchisee, so that the enquirer can decide if they want to investigate further.

Legal Contract/s

You will need several legal documents which we will help you manage alongside the appointed legal advisor. A starting point may be the creation of the HOT’s or memorandum of understanding, after which a franchise agreement will be drafted for execution.

Franchise Confidentiality Agreement

A prospective franchisee will be asked to sign one or more of these documents in order to proceed with their enquiry. Franchisors usually spend a lot of time and money developing their unique offer and it’s important that the information they share with prospective franchisees remain confidential.

Franchise Operations Manual

We will create the manual alongside your operational team, detailing the operational aspects of running the business. Franchisees are typically provided with a copy of ¬– or access to – the manual after completion of their training and once the franchise agreement has been signed.

Franchisee Process

We will work with you to establish all the processes to make sure that you work with the most suitable franchisees.

Franchisee Training Programme

We will cocreate with you a franchisee training programme. This is one of the major benefits for both you and the franchisee, as it allows you to acquire skills rapidly through the initial training programme.

Financial feasibility forecasts for the franchisees

We will work out the overall financial feasibility and make all related forecasts based on the total amount invested and the operational budget.

Why choose restaurant keys?

How we work...

  • Our aim would be to become an integral part of your business
  • Regular brainstorms and catch ups are a key part of this
  • We will arrange meetings if required as well as regular emails and calls on a daily basis

Why we would love to work with you...

  • We have worked in the food & drink industry for a collective of more than 70 years - we know the right people and have the right tools
  • You will be a very exciting addition to our client list, who we would value highly
  • We have a niche client list and want to keep it that way, ensuring we can give you the best level of service possible
  • All of this will result in you getting the absolute best of our services: personal attention, advice and 100% commitment


Restaurant Keys is the consultancy that Massimo Montone founded in 2015. Massimo and his associates have a background in restaurant management, across a range of hospitality brands.

Massimo firmly believes that unlocking the potential of people is how to build a successful business, as people sit at the heart of the hospitality industry. Massimo made the progression from direct restaurant operations into a consultancy role so that he could work with a diverse portfolio of businesses.

Massimo’s strength is marrying the meaning of hospitality with a successful business strategy.



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The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run. It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals

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