Helping Investors, Brands and Operators Unlock The Full Potential of Their Hospitality Ventures

Restaurant Keys is the consultancy that Massimo Montone founded in 2015. It is a full-service consultancy helping investor, brands and operators to unlock the full potential of hospitality ventures. Consulting on opportunities for both existing and new operators, Restaurant Keys has an expert eye on market potential and profitability.

Working with a team of passionate and highly-experienced people, Restaurant Keys is able to approach every project individually, tailoring our services to match your needs. Whether you are opening, reopening or looking to grow your hospitality business.

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Massimo Montone

Founder of Restaurant Keys and creator of Restaurant Launch Roadmap

Restaurant Keys is the consultancy that Massimo Montone founded in 2015. Massimo and his associates have a background in restaurant management, across a range of hospitality brands.

Massimo firmly believes that unlocking the potential of people is how to build a successful business, as people sit at the heart of the hospitality industry. Massimo made the progression from direct restaurant operations into a consultancy role so that he could work with a diverse portfolio of businesses.

"Its the mindset that sets you apart from the rest..."

Massimo’s strength is marrying the meaning of hospitality with a successful business strategy.

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The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run. It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.

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