Full Service Consultancy, Helping Investors, Brands and Operators Unlock The Full Potential of Their Hospitality Ventures


Whether you are a private equity firm looking to turn around a brand in your portfolio, a brand seeking international growth or an existing operator looking to expand, a national chain in need of improving profitability, or an individual looking to develop an idea for a new food-service or restaurant, we can help.

Our Services

How To Open A Restaurant... Find Out More!

Restaurant Keys can approach every project individually, tailoring our services to match your needs. Whether you are opening, reopening or looking to grow your hospitality business, Restaurant Keys can guide you along the path to growth and success.


Know How

Creating and implementing new concepts and providing contractual services for the implementation of those concepts giving strategic guidance to brands groups, emerging restaurant concepts, investors, landlords and developers.

Expertise to expand into new international markets understanding your core needs and requirements.



Available for the long and short term, evaluating your business, a 360-degree evaluation, giving you immediate solutions which provide you with strategic and comprehensive market-leading strategies and business plans that will grow your business nationally and internationally by identifying the right partners or investors.


We don’t just do the introduction, we give direction and supervision with every step of the way. Providing complete or partial restaurant management, including staffing, senior management and suppliers to suit your needs.
We are people-focused, strengths and point of difference are understanding EI and being able to develop teams that will be able to do the job and make a business successful.

We firmly believe that unlocking the potential of people is how to build a successful business, as people sit at the heart of the hospitality industry.

How To Open A Restaurant... Find Out More!