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Judy Tse is extremely focused, confident and enthusiastic, Judy is an expert in Branding, Graphic Design and Marketing with great experience of creating, building, maintaining, re-branding and repositioning brands.

4 Restaurant Marketing Ideas and How to Increase Engagement

By Judy Tse | Branding & Marketing , Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Increase Engagement

4 Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Increase EngagementCost-effective and creative restaurant marketing ideas can significantly increase customer engagement and bring your restaurant closer to success.Strategies for marketing your restaurant Managing to keep your restaurant running in its initial years takes a bit of work. One common challenge that many new restaurants need to overcome is bringing in […]

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How to Improve Posture

By Judy Tse | Restaurant Consultant

How to Improve Posture | Restaurant Keys

How tо Improve PostureI bet уоu’ve bееn told tо ‘Sit uр straight’ оr ‘Dоn’t slump’. Have уоu еvеr wondered whу? Fоr one, slumping оr standing wіth а hunch bасk does nоt look good. And second, maintaining thе wrong posture bу slumping саn, оvеr time, affect thе spine severely аnd lead tо spine related conditions like bасk […]

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Boost Your Immune System

By Judy Tse | food , Restaurant Consultant

Boost your Immune System | Restaurant Keys

Boost Your Immune SystemYour immunity may need a boost – but food or diet manufacturers can’t deliver what you can give to yourself, naturally.Learn how to feel better, improve your overall health, minimize the amount of time it takes for you to recover from an illness, and improve your energy, right here and right now!Germs […]

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