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Restaurant Service Standard Checklist: How to Impress Your Guests?

By Massimo Montone | Operations , Restaurant Consultant

Customers are more likely to recommend restaurants with good customer service

Restaurants can improve their reputation significantly by offering quality customer service. This entails many different tasks, so restaurant managers and staff should be up to speed with the right customer service practices.Customer service is one of the most important components that must be maintained in restaurant management. People may come to your establishment for the […]

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7 Practices to Make Your Restaurant Kitchen Safer

By Massimo Montone | food , Human Resources , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

An image of a chef preparing food

It’s always been essential to maintain strict cleanliness practices at your restaurant—especially in the kitchen. But having a safe and hygienic restaurant kitchen is now more important than ever. Recent times have made even the slightest mistake non-negotiable.An important part of restaurant management is maintaining exceptional customer feedback. With customers worried about the risks of […]

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Your Checklist for Fast-Food Restaurant Equipment

By Massimo Montone | Operations , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant in the UK

Every fast-food restaurant requires specialized equipment to ensure that all processes are carried out effectively. It also ensures that the restaurant is capable of making certain foods that are characteristic of fast-food businesses. As a restaurant owner, securing the right equipment can improve restaurant management by boosting efficiency and the layout of your business and […]

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