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Running Restaurants After COVID-19 Recovery: Safety Checklist

By Massimo Montone | Human Resources , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant staff will need to follow social distancing guidelines while working.

Running Restaurants After COVID-19 Recovery: Safety ChecklistOne of the industries that experienced the brunt of the impact from COVID-19 was the restaurant industry. Many food retail outlets were forced to shut down their operations when the outbreak initially occurred earlier this year. However, the country is gradually recovering from the pandemic, with many businesses resuming […]

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The Basics of Restaurant Management

By Massimo Montone | Accounts & Financial Support , Operations , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant managers are responsible for many different duties

The Basics of Restaurant ManagementRestaurant managers can achieve their goals by implementing effective strategies and hiring the right staff for their operations. These are the basics of restaurant management. Managing a restaurant entails many different duties and activities. Effective restaurant management strategies aim to meet customers’ needs while maintaining efficient and sustainable operations.If you are […]

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