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7 Practices to Make Your Restaurant Kitchen Safer

By Massimo Montone | food , Human Resources , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

An image of a chef preparing food

It’s always been essential to maintain strict cleanliness practices at your restaurant—especially in the kitchen. But having a safe and hygienic restaurant kitchen is now more important than ever. Recent times have made even the slightest mistake non-negotiable.An important part of restaurant management is maintaining exceptional customer feedback. With customers worried about the risks of […]

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Your Checklist for Fast-Food Restaurant Equipment

By Massimo Montone | Operations , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant in the UK

Every fast-food restaurant requires specialized equipment to ensure that all processes are carried out effectively. It also ensures that the restaurant is capable of making certain foods that are characteristic of fast-food businesses. As a restaurant owner, securing the right equipment can improve restaurant management by boosting efficiency and the layout of your business and […]

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How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant

By Judy Tse | Branding & Marketing , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant in London

Incorporating automation technology in your restaurant in London can significantly transform your restaurant management. It reduces waiting time for your customers and improves employee efficiency, both of which help improve customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers happy is critical if you want them to return and share kind words about your establishment.Management is a process that […]

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5 Restaurant Management Tips for Front of the House Operations

By Massimo Montone | Operations , Restaurant Consultant

It is undoubtedly critical to handle Back of the house operations in a restaurant because they ensure that all processes run smoothly and the business runs well. However, skilled front of the house management is equally important because it determines whether customers’ experiences are memorable or not. Better customer experience will result in positive reviews […]

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