Increase Your Business Through Your Restaurant Website

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With many potential customers on social media platforms today, there is a common trend of searching up a restaurant before paying it a visit. The restaurant website is one of the main platforms that they browse. You have probably done it yourself before giving that expensive salmon everyone has been talking about a try. But first, why is a restaurant website so important?

Well, it gives you legitimacy and this is the first step towards attracting a customer. Your restaurant brand is reflected via your website in a number of ways. It’s practically the face of your restaurant brand. It brings to light your restaurant’s aesthetics; its standards as well as quality. A well-crafted and maintained website transpires to a restaurant that is managed well and is high-end. Posting the location of your restaurant on your website is another important element. It gives the potential customer an idea of how close they are to you and if they can make a quick visit during their lunch break.

So, if you want to increase your business through your restaurant website, then you have come to the right place. Read ahead to find the key aspects you need to incorporate in your website to uplift your restaurant marketing strategy effectively.

Post Your Menu Online to Boost Visits

With the ongoing pandemic, social distancing is important. So is minimum physical contact with restaurant items such as menus. You can post your menu online for this purpose if you haven’t. By doing so your website will not just receive more visits but make the customer curious to read more.

Whether it's your restaurant's history or the business model – posting it online can help build your brand. Highlight your restaurant marketing on your website as well. If you’re following a sustainable business model, make sure it’s on your website to impress the customer and have them come back for more.

Online Reservations and Orders

With increasingly busy schedules, people barely have the time to make a call to get a reservation made or place an order. Here is where your restaurant website comes in to make things easier. If a restaurant doesn’t have an outlet to do this online, the customer moves onto another restaurant that offers them this ease.

By having these two services available via your website, there is better coordination and communication on what the customer is looking for. It also saves you as well the customer on time. The customer doesn’t want tomatoes or cheese in their burger? It’s better to have it conveyed via your website in the form of a written text to avoid mishaps. However, make sure to call or send a text message for confirmation after a reservation or order has been placed. You don’t want to be scammed.

Positive Reviews Attract Customers – Highlight Them on Your Website

Posting positive reviews further enhances your legitimacy, so don’t miss out on this. If it’s a positive feedback by an influential person, a celebrity or a blogger, it will help create demand and bring in the potential customers. You definitely don’t want to let go of this restaurant marketing strategy. Here’s a pro tip - make sure to strategically place such important content on the website pages which have more traffic. Also, it should be easy for the eye to spot without having to spend too much time on your website.

Post Pictures – Create The Mood

Nothing makes the customer hungrier than appetizing images of your food. We all know presentation matters when it comes to restaurant marketing. Even your restaurant vibe and aesthetics add on to the customer experience. You want to cash in on this by posting images of your restaurant’s interior space as well. Pick the right spots with the perfect lighting and angles. In this way the customer will have a glimpse of what they’re going to receive once they enter your restaurant.

The Final Verdict

So, increase your business through your restaurant website if you’re seeing a slump in profits. If you don’t have a restaurant website, then its high time you built one. Remember to keep these aspects in mind.

Many restaurant business owners don’t see the benefit and return on investment from setting one up. That’s where they’re making the mistake by losing out on the potential to grow. So, make a website today. If you already have one, then improve on it according to what suits your restaurant aesthetics. You will not regret it!

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New eBook Reveals How To Successfully Open A Restaurant… Free E-Book!


About the Author

Massimo’s career has grown up through the restaurant world, starting as a waiter through to high-end restaurant openings within an operational management capacity. This depth of experience has allowed him to understand the business from both a guest’s needs to what a team needs, giving him the benefit of an all-rounded view and approach to problem solving.