How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant

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Incorporating automation technology in your restaurant in London can significantly transform your restaurant management. It reduces waiting time for your customers and improves employee efficiency, both of which help improve customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers happy is critical if you want them to return and share kind words about your establishment.

Management is a process that you always have to consistently improve regardless of your restaurant’s scope and size in London. One effective way of doing that is by installing a self-ordering kiosk into your restaurant. A kiosk is a device that allows your customers to place an order for themselves without contacting one of your employees. They can also pay for their order at the kiosk. Installing one may require a bit of an initial investment, but it can significantly increase your customers’ dining experience.

How a Self-ordering Kiosk Can Help Your Restaurant

The quick-service restaurant industry in London is fiercely competitive. Thus, you must prioritize management with a kiosk to make it quick and easy for customers to get their food. It also ensures that your customers don’t receive the wrong food on their table.
Here’s how a self-ordering kiosk can help your restaurant and inch it toward success.

A kiosk is a versatile machine that streamlines ordering and performs other tasks. Here’s how a self-ordering kiosk can help your restaurant in London.

Reduces Ordering Time

The footfall at a quick-service or fast-food restaurant is typically a lot during peak business hours. As a result, there are likely to be long queues. A long waiting time can make customers leave the restaurant and head over to a competitor. Therefore, a self-ordering kiosk can split the waiting lines and make ordering food a lot faster.
A kiosk is also easy to navigate, so customers can quickly pick their food and pay for it. The kitchen staff will automatically receive the order details, and they’ll begin preparing it. When the customer’s order is ready, they can pick it up from the counter. Shorter ordering times can help your restaurant serve more people at a time.

Reduces the Cost of Labour

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Running a restaurant business in London is a financially risky venture if the returns aren’t up to the mark. Therefore, installing a kiosk for orders can be beneficial from a restaurant financing perspective as well. A kiosk can significantly improve operational efficiency, which reduces the need for hiring more staff to manage many orders at a time. Hiring additional staff members is a lot more expensive than the one-time payment of purchasing a kiosk. The only other costs related to the kiosk you’ll have to bear are the maintenance costs and power bills.

Helps Upsell Specific Dishes

Images and videos can communicate messages a lot quicker than words can, especially in the case of food. If you have a new dish at your restaurant and want to encourage customers to try it, it would help to show them what it looks like. A self-ordering kiosk allows you to put up an enticing picture along with a well-written description of your new dish. Displaying this information will help improve the sales of the food as more people will know about it.

You can also use your kiosk to advertise some new deals at your restaurant. Customers can then quickly order those deals from the same machine. You must, however, make sure that the pictures of your food look appetizing. The imagery should be colourful and high-quality while also looking close to what you’ll actually serve your customers. Customers do not appreciate it when their food looks far less-appetizing than what was advertised. To get the best use out of your kiosk, place it in a place where customers are bound to look.

Improves Order Accuracy

Regardless of how experienced one may be at taking orders, there’s a reasonably high possibility of human error. That’s a common part of quick-service and fast-food restaurants because of the rush. However, customers are not happy when they receive incorrect orders because fixing them usually entails waiting time.

A self-ordering kiosk eliminates the possibility of human error by your employees. Customers can double-check their orders because they finalize them at their own pace. In addition to that, a kiosk can have a customizable menu so that your customers can make whatever necessary additions or tweaks to their order. The confirmation at the final step repeats the order, allowing them to make any changes to possible errors. 

Takes Customer Satisfaction to a Whole New Level

While restaurant management matters significantly to how you run your business, it also affects customers’ perception of your establishment. Therefore, quick and easy orders go a long way in improving customer satisfaction. With a full menu in front of them, along with detailed information on the nutritional value of specific dishes, customers know what’s going to be on their plate. They also have control over their order because they no longer have to rely on an employee to get their order right.

A self-ordering kiosk also provides customers with various payment options, such as card, cash, and mobile wallet. Therefore, more payment choices can also improve customer satisfaction.

Last Few Words

After reading this article, it should be clear how a self-ordering kiosk can help your restaurant. What’s great about a kiosk is that it’s a versatile machine that can perform additional tasks while carrying out its primary one.

It’s no surprise that budget is a concern for most restaurant businesses in London, and a kiosk may seem too significant an investment. However, this device improves customer satisfaction through staff efficiency, and it helps you dedicate more employees to the kitchen. As a result, you’ll be able to increase food output and serve more people during rush hours, which, in turn, will help increase profits.

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New eBook Reveals How To Successfully Open A Restaurant… Free E-Book!


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