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How to Open a Restaurant When You Are Broke?

By Massimo Montone | Accounts & Financial Support , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant owners can apply for grants from the UK government.

Managing any business with limited funding can be a challenge. However, it can be an especially daunting task in the restaurant industry where profit margins are already slim and the flow of customers tends to be seasonal.Despite these difficulties, many business owners do manage to successfully start restaurants with the limited funds at their disposal. […]

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Your Checklist for Fast-Food Restaurant Equipment

By Massimo Montone | Operations , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant in the UK

Every fast-food restaurant requires specialized equipment to ensure that all processes are carried out effectively. It also ensures that the restaurant is capable of making certain foods that are characteristic of fast-food businesses. As a restaurant owner, securing the right equipment can improve restaurant management by boosting efficiency and the layout of your business and […]

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Restaurant Consultancy Jobs: What Should You Know?

By Massimo Montone | Leadership & Management , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

Restaurant Keys | From Inception to Launch, Full Service Consultancy, Helping Investors, Brands and Operators Unlock The Full Potential of Their Hospitality Ventures

Restaurant Consultancy Jobs: What Should You Know?Restaurant consultants are professionals who are hired by owners of food establishments to fix mistakes and provide solutions that can prevent their business from closing down. As a consultant, you will not only be responsible for providing your expertise to improve different departments in the restaurant, but also make […]

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