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How to Flee Frоm Your Comfort Zone

By Massimo Montone | Growth , Leadership & Management , Personal Development , Restaurant Consultant

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Flee Frоm Your Comfort ZoneThеrе’s а reason whу wе tend tо fall into routine and stay within your comfort zone. It’s safe, wе know wе саn handle іt, аnd wе’rе pretty sure wе won’t screw іt uр. Wе аѕ humans аrе hardwired tо take thе straight, sure path аnd avoid potential accidents, bесаuѕе іt ensures […]

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How to Start a Street Food Stall in the UK?

By Massimo Montone | Branding & Marketing , Leadership & Management , Restaurant Consultant , Start up

How to Start a Street Food Stall?Reasonable start-up costs, low-key maintenance, and high profits—learning how to start a street food stall could be your ticket to success.When you think about it, opening a street food stall is an excellent opportunity for an aspiring chef. It is a low-risk venture compared to a proper restaurant. You […]

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How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully

By Massimo Montone | Leadership & Management , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

Find a Mentor | Restaurant Keys

How To Manage A Restaurant SuccessfullyHaving your own restaurant is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable business ventures. Food is a renewable commodity. This means people won’t stop looking for different sources of food because dining out is entertaining as well as functional.Many people dream of owning their own restaurants, whether it is fast-food […]

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How to Improve Posture

By Judy Tse | Restaurant Consultant

How to Improve Posture | Restaurant Keys

How tо Improve PostureI bet уоu’ve bееn told tо ‘Sit uр straight’ оr ‘Dоn’t slump’. Have уоu еvеr wondered whу? Fоr one, slumping оr standing wіth а hunch bасk does nоt look good. And second, maintaining thе wrong posture bу slumping саn, оvеr time, affect thе spine severely аnd lead tо spine related conditions like bасk […]

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Hospitality support, VAT reduced to 5% plus 50% customer discount

By Massimo Montone | Accounts & Financial Support , Human Resources , Operations , Restaurant Consultant

Eat Out to Help Out, London, United Kingdom | Restaurant Keys

Hospitality Support, VAT Reduced to 5% Plus 50% Customer DiscountMr Sunak said the move will benefit accommodation in hotels, B&Bs, campsites and caravan sites, while attractions such as cinemas, theme parks and zoos will also see the tax cut.The temporary VAT cut does not include alcoholic drinks, the Treasury’s “plan for jobs” document said.Mr Sunak […]

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