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A Guide on Using Social Media Effectively for Restaurant Marketing

Are you a restaurant manager struggling with leveraging social media platforms for your restaurant marketing? Do you feel you're not tech-savvy and find it difficult to use social networks to maximize your revenue? Well, you need not worry. You have come to the right place!

Though restaurant marketing plays a vital role in attracting customers, it is also your magic key to making it big in the business world. Being a restaurant owner, expanding and growing your business are goals you look forward to every day – you've probably dreamt about having your restaurant franchise or chain. To do that, you need astounding restaurant marketing!

Here are quick and easy steps to follow and get your restaurant marketing at par with the professionals. You'll make it big in no time.

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Food Photography – Get The Right Lighting and Angles!

Taking the right pictures of your most tantalizing food is where you want to start. Find the right angles and get the perfect camera - you want to make sure the food looks as good on the camera lens as it does on the plate. By giving the customer a visual representation of what they're about to get, you'll see your restaurant brimming with people all the time.
Consider hiring a professional if you're unable to get it right using your phone's camera. High-quality images that are 'picture-perfect' are what you're aiming for here. Only they can attract those hungry stomachs. 

Post Your Menu Online – Make It Attractive

Posting your menu online, with delicious descriptions and market competitive prices, will not only save you from frequent calls inquiring about the costs, but it will give the customers a run for their money. 

Use attractive and sensory words to grab their attention. Put your menu out there with eye-catching pictures and sensory words such as "fiery," "tender," or "juicy" to get them craving for your food. 

Build Customer Relationships

Whether through loyalty programs, discounts or regular customer feedback, build a two-way relationship with your customers. Take their feedback seriously and improve on their complaints. If it's the incomplete information on the menu online or the faulty takeaway packaging, get back at it at once and let them know you appreciate their feedback.

Get A Website

Build your restaurant brand via an engaging and attractive website. Address all queries which you think customers may have along with any important information. Say, for instance, a separate tab for online reservations or newspaper recognition for meeting food quality standards. You want your potential customers to know how well you're doing.

Pro-tip –keep it short and simple; no one likes to read too many words online. It just drives them away.

Introduce Your Staff

By introducing your staff on your social media platforms, you're essentially letting the customers know about your restaurant's core values. Inclusivity, flexibility and appreciation, these three aspects of any business or organization keep customers interested in wanting to know more and trying out your product. Make sure to connect your potential customers with the management and staff – it adds to the restaurant experience when they already know the waiter serving them beforehand.

Be Proactive On Your Social Media Accounts

Take the leap and try out social media for restaurant marketing. Build your brand on multiple social media platforms and reach as many people as you can. Be sure to stay proactive and respond to queries as soon as you can. You want to keep people interested and engaged – hire a social media associate or a team to handle this aspect if you have too much on your plate. Also, make sure posts are well spaced out in timely intervals; you don't want to spam customers.

Remember, the better the usage of social media for restaurant marketing, the bigger the influx of customers and the greater the dough. 

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Be Sure to Post Positive Reviews

Negative reviews posted online can be devastating, but don't let them get you down. If they're only a few compared to the positive reviews, you're good to go. Try to get as much positive feedback as you can.

Here's a pro-tip: Post reviews that help promote your restaurant as an ideal place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries to bring in more customers. It will attract a greater audience and direct more traffic to your social media accounts.

Partnerships Matter

Don't be shy to reach out to bloggers or food delivery services for partnerships or collaborations—their influence and association with your restaurant brand matters, especially in the digital world. Engage with them and tell them what your goals are; make sure you're on the same page as them.

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The Bottom Line

There you have it, the ultimate guide to restaurant marketing. By keeping these aspects in mind, you'll be sure to reach the top and make it big. Start slow and progress little by little. It will take time initially, but once you get the hang of it, it will be worth it.

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New eBook Reveals How To Successfully Open A Restaurant… Free E-Book!


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