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Boost Your Immune System

Your immunity may need a boost - but food or diet manufacturers can't deliver what you can give to yourself, naturally.

Learn how to feel better, improve your overall health, minimize the amount of time it takes for you to recover from an illness, and improve your energy, right here and right now!

Germs are everywhere, and its your body's immune system that is working hard to fight them off, day and night. Your immune system battles bacteria, toxins and chemicals. Shouldn't you arm it with the very best defenses.



Even if you're not familiar with the mineral selenium, you certainly know the foods that contain this important cancer-fighting property.

Tuna fish (fresh or canned), red snapper, lobster, whole grains, white meat chicken, and lamb chops are rich in this mineral, and when you digest selenium in the foods you eat, you'll be setting yourself up to fight off cancer and even heart disease.


Vitamin C

In nature, vitamin C comes in a delicious form. Who doesn't love munching on a fresh, juicy orange or a handful of strawberries?

From a wide selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from, take your pick and have a strong immune system for it! Kiwi, guava, papaya, pineapple and mangoes are all rich with vitamins including C.



Garlic doesn't just taste great when added to a pasta dish, or when infused in olive oil to be sopped up with fresh bread.

Garlic is also excellent for unclogging blood vessels, protecting against developing cancer, and strengthening white blood cells (the ones responsible for fighting off infection).

Got garlic in your kitchen? When you start serving it up more frequently - as in, several times a week for a stronger immune system - you can beat the odds of catching everything from the common cold to colon cancer.



If you want an immune system that fights hard for you, take a zinc supplement. It has the ability to improve your number of T-cells (which fight off infection from spreading) as well as increase your number of antibodies.

If you want to get more zinc from its natural source (the foods that offer this important vitamin), chow down on some oysters, chickpeas or cashews.

Feeling as strong as a soldier? When you incorporate more immune-strengthening foods in your diet, you'll feel as if you can run a marathon, fight a battle, or simply hop, skip and jump your way through life! 

New eBook Reveals How To Successfully Open A Restaurant… Free E-Book!


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