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How to Start a Street Food Stall?

Reasonable start-up costs, low-key maintenance, and high profits—learning how to start a street food stall could be your ticket to success.

When you think about it, opening a street food stall is an excellent opportunity for an aspiring chef. It is a low-risk venture compared to a proper restaurant. You also have a chance of gathering a large crowd once your business takes off.

That said, variables like Restaurant Management and Restaurant Marketing play a significant role in this business. You also need a proper set up before you do anything else. Once you get these factors right, you can generate a steady income.
Is this something you want?

Let’s learning everything you need to know to kick-start your food business.

How to Start a Food Stall: The Five Essential Steps

Find Your Speciality

In the past decade or so, the food street market has rapidly grown from humble stalls to gourmet eateries. You can get anything from British staples to Indian fusion food within a short distance of each other. Venturing into this highly competitive market means that standing out is essential.

On the flip side, our diverse food industry has ample space for more cooks. The only thing you need is a speciality dish that aligns with your niche. We recommend narrowing your menu to a hero ingredient or recipe that you can master. That way, you will have a unique selling point when you set up shop.

Restaurant Consultant Tip: Research the market and perfect your recipe beforehand. It is important to know what is trending and how you can integrate those factors when you start restaurant marketing.

Choose Your Location

Do you have an ideal place in mind for your street food stall?

There is a chance that it might not be the right location for your business, per se. You should research the area and consider certain elements before you set up. That is because your nearest competition, foot traffic, and location guidelines could make or break your profits.

Here are the things that matter most:

    Choose a commercial area with high foot traffic throughout the week
    Try to select a spot that does not have similar street food stalls/cuisines
    Opt for a location that is visible amidst the surrounding. (Selecting a bright coloured truck can grab attention too)
    Consider the opening and closing timings of other food vendors in the area

In addition, it would help if you learn about parking permits, licenses, etc. Knowing this information will give you a better idea of how things will pan out for your business. Plus, there is a chance that your favourite spot is already off-limits. 

Restaurant Consultant Tip: If their work hours are impossible to maintain, you should move your stall elsewhere. Otherwise, your hungry customers will line up there when they see your shutters down.

Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Filling all the legal forms and applications is a significant part of learning how to start a street food stall in the UK. You can get a rough idea about the necessary legal requirements via the UK’s official food business registration page. It provides you with the basic information required to legalise your business.

Here is an overview of what you need:

Besides this, you can hire a restaurant consultant and also a lawyer to get your documents in order. Their expertise will streamline the registration process. Plus, they can guide you through the emerging obstacles in restaurant management post-COVID19.

Image of a deliciously lined food stall counter

Create a Proper Business Plan

Every successful entrepreneur needs a business plan. When you are learning how to start a street food stall, it could help you measure the feasibility of this endeavour. Additionally, it enables you to stay focused and prepared.

Start by setting budget goals, collecting restaurant marketing ideas, and planning how to arrange your food stall. Through it, you can calculate the initial set up cost and whatever is required for your street food stall.

Here is our take on some main elements of your business plan:

  • How much does it cost to start a street food stall? Street food stalls cost £5,000 to £50,000+ depending on your business plan. Calculate the cost of equipment, licences, and monthly budget to get an accurate estimate.
    Do you plan to operate a cash-only food stall or will you accept cards? Having a dual-payment system is more attractive for the modern demographic.
  • Do you plan to hire help? Running a one-cook food stall is overwhelming. Consider hiring at least one helper to maintain restaurant service standards.
  • What about the main stall? Weigh in the pros and cons of running a business using pop-up tables and booths compared to a food truck. The first option is a budget-friendly investment for anybody who is low on cash. 

If you are not ready for a full-fledged stall, you can start running an online food delivery business from home. Use it to generate sufficient funds and exposure needed to open a street food stall.

Onsite and Online Branding

Today, your delicious food and authentic recipes are one part of running a profitable food business. The other half depends on your savvy restaurant marketing skills.

There are three crucial steps you need to begin:

Content Creation | Restaurant Keys

Basic Branding Essentials

Branding starts with an appealing business name and a catchy slogan. Think about it: everyone knows that ‘’it’s finger lickin’ good!” at KFC and “it’s a whole new neighbourhood” when you head to Apple Bees.

Likewise, you need a memorable name and impactful tagline to make an impression on your prospective audience.

Attractive Aesthetics

As they say, á picture says a thousand words.

Everything from your brand logo to the colour of your food stall needs to align with your brand identity. Evoke emotions and gain visibility by selecting shades that encapsulate the vibe you want to create. Use a similar strategy when you are purchasing serving utensils and designing marketing content.

Attractive Aesthetics | How to Start a Food Stall
Strategic Marketing Plan | Restaurant Keys

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Opt for a mixed marketing plan to reach a wider audience. That means distributing pretty pamphlets, running an enticing social media campaign, and renting eye-catching vehicle signage. You also need an official social media handle and website to connect with your tech-inclined audience.

The key here is to stay consistent, whether you are marketing online or offline. Also, use marketing content that resonates with your audience. These nuances will draw in more attention compared to conventional and costly advertisements.

It’s a Wrap!

Overall, learning how to start a street food stall is all about knowing the logistics involved alongside other aspects of Restaurant Management and Restaurant Marketing. Once you have everything in order, you can turn on the stove and impress your customers with lip-smacking treats. 

Eventually, it will lead to a booming food business.

Do you want to know more? Browse through our blogs to receive more trade secrets. You can also hire our restaurant consultants for professional assistance. 

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