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The Essential Hospitality Cleaning Products in the New Normal

Cleaning your restaurant and keeping it clean is not just something every restaurant owners and managers should be doing on a regular basis.

It’s now going to become something that customers and guests will expect and local authorities will likely make it a stricter requirement.

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t caused by or transmitted through food, but the foodservice industry may forever feel its impact. Guests will expect a higher level of cleanliness, now that restaurants have reopen for dine-in business and the likelihood of a second wave in the coming months.

The development team at Cleaner Products have designed a product called Virubac that would kill envelope viruses like Covid-19 and we are pleased to report that he has completed all of the field trials and is ready to supply. Virubac is a 100% natural advanced disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria. It replicates natural biocides created by our own immune system in order to eradicate invasive organisms. Virubac is compliant with UK and EU regulations and has highly-effective viricidal, antibacterial, sporadical and fungicidal properties. Virubac can also be used to wash salad and can be sprayed directly onto fish or meat.

Restaurant cleaning, the front of house

Restaurant Cleaning, The Front of House | Restaurant Keys

In a typical food service operation, cleaning and sanitizing have always been the rule of thumb. From wiping off gross soil with a wet cloth to cleaning surfaces with an all-purpose or glass cleaner and food-grade sanitizer, this has been the norm for general surface hygiene.

Moving forward, what will we see? We are already seeing more of an emphasis on disinfecting rather than sanitizing as we deal with concerns over more contagious pathogens such as Covid-19. We will likely continue to see more disinfectant usage.

The keys are the staff and guest touch points. Staff should be disinfecting, not just sanitizing, the areas that employees and guests touch frequently. This includes, but is not limited to, all door handles, rails and non-food contact countertops.

Tables are considered a food contact surface, so food safe sanitizers still need to be used between guests. Disinfecting followed by a potable water rinse needs to be done daily.

Restaurant cleaning, the back of House

Restaurant Cleaning, The Back of House | Restaurant Keys

The good news is that heat kills viruses at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, cooking and dishwashing will take care of viruses and bacteria on what you eat and eat on. Again, staff hand washing best practices are another key to reducing the spread.

Slow times are an excellent opportunity to implement best practices. This means using that time to disinfect touch surfaces with dwell time and a potable water rinse on food service areas. Again, the use of Virubac a 100% natural advanced disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria and can also be used to wash salad and can be sprayed directly onto fish or meat.

In summary, the simplest and most effective measure for combating the spread of viruses is to keep them away from you. Hand washing and high touch point disinfecting, along with being more aware than normal, will win the day for you. 

Restaurant cleaning, the restrooms

Restrooms are one of the main danger areas for the spread of infection, not to mention the image of a business in general. Surveys show that dirty restrooms can have a negative impact on guest satisfaction overall.

Disinfecting touch points, such as fixtures, flush handles and dispensers, several times per day is best practice. Deep cleaning, including thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting every major surface and scrubbing down toilet bowls, is best done daily.

People may not continue wiping down their environments with wipes every 30 minutes, but we do know they will be paying more attention to how clean public areas are, especially restaurants.

Legal requirements and regulations will likely increase maintenance standards, and customers will be even more conscious of slightly unkempt bathrooms. Do your research to make sure you’re using A-grade products and practices throughout all areas of your establishment, and be prepared to increase how often you disinfect instead of sanitize.
And finally, make sure you teach your employees the difference.

At Cleaner Products we also manufacture Alcohol Sanitising Wipes that contain 75% alcohol to kill a wide range of pathogens including enveloped viruses (such as Covid-19) the formula is recommended by World Health Organisation. Cleaner Products also supply all of the PPE you may require. 


Cleaner Products, a family run business

Cleaner Products Team | Restaurant Keys

We at Cleaner Products are a family run business that manufacture a full range of high-quality cleaning and hygiene products. We specialise in the hospitality sector and being a manufacturer and dealing directly with end users there are no middle-men, this makes us the most competitive supplier in the marketplace.

We also supply all of the ancillary products you may require and because we make our profit on chemical there is no one that can touch us on price. We constantly reduce clients spending by 20-30%, it's not just the fact that our prices are more competitive it is also the fact that we will reduce your consumption and make your operations more sustainable.

You can find out more about our exciting brand at www.cleanerproducts.co.uk or mail [email protected]

New eBook Reveals How To Successfully Open A Restaurant… Free E-Book!


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