Winning Made Easy - The Secret Ingredient to Winning

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You know you’re a winner when winning becomes a lifestyle.​​​​

Winners are always winning. They’re always celebrating their victories, and they’re always enjoying the process of playing to win. At the same time, they don't allow their victories to get the best of them. Instead, they’re consistently seeking out new opportunities to challenge themselves and to play the game to win something else.

For true winners, the winning never ends. The show is never over. They never rest on their laurels or get complacent. They have an insatiable hunger for playing the game, for becoming a better person and for making the world a better place. That’s what winning is all about.And that’s what makes the world their oyster. It’s like the writer Oscar Wilde once said:“The world belongs to the discontented.”Think about it: When a person is happy, the most natural course of action is to relax. Of course it’s important to your mind, body and spirit that you take the time to rest and to rejuvenate. But, as the old proverb says:

“A little resting, a little folding of the hands, and poverty comes upon you like an armed robber.”Winners know that in life the only way to coast is downhill. They know that the world around them is in a constant state of change and development and that the act of standing still will cause the world to blur right past.

They know that contentment leads to stagnation and that stagnation leads to deterioration of the mind, the body and the spirit. They know that if they’re not growing they’re dying – that those who are consistently challenging themselves to achieve new things are the driving force behind the advancement of humanity.And that’s why the world belongs to the discontented, those who see the possibility to improve.

How can a winner be discontented and still enjoy playing the game?

Because they understand that there’s a difference between being unsatisfied and being unhappy. An unhappy person is only happy when they have some exterior stimulation to “make” them happy. They fail to realize that the true source of happiness is within. It’s the desire to learn and to grow and to achieve, to become a better person and to make each day better than the last. This is what perpetual winning is all about, and perpetual winning is the only way to be a true winner in life. If you decide to become complacent and let your victories and your pride get the best of you, you’ll end up losing to someone who is still in the game to win.

Perpetual winning is a lifestyle that takes courage, enthusiasm and an undying commitment to become a better person and to become a source of inspiration to everyone around you.

So as you’re setting your specific goal, creating an expectation to achieve it, learning from failure, duplicating success and playing the game to win, always remember that the game will never be over. That’s how being a perpetual winner will empower you to discover the true purpose of your life.

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The Secret Ingredient To Winning 1 Lesson

The Secret Ingredient To Winning

Winners expect to win. They embrace this expectation and stand by this expectation with all of their faith, courage and determination. They don’t plan a path of retreat just in case they lose. They never picture themselves holding the silver medal or in the second chair or playing second string

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4 Steps to Win

4 Steps to Win 1 Lesson

4 Steps to Win

Of course, the steps that are laid out here may not be exactly the same steps that other winners have followed. But the basic principles behind the roadmap to winning are the same, and as soon as you begin applying them in your life, you’ll find yourself developing your own winning strategy – and it’s ok to get a little creative! What’s important is that you’re getting closer to your goals. But enough explanation; let’s show you how to get started!

Step 1 – Expect To Win 4 Lessons

Step 2 – Plan To Win 4 Lessons

The Power Of Focus

Without a plan to win, the will to win is merely a dream.

Step 3 – Play To Win 4 Lessons

Step 4 – Live To Win 4 Lessons

Perpetual Winning

You know you’re a winner when winning becomes a lifestyle.