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Persian Meal Box is a modern ready-made Persian food box

With delicious outstanding, traditional, healthy and hearty ingredients that are used for major ceremonies and rituals from different part of Iran. All dishes are homemade and based on original recipes with a twist to create unique flavours.

In London, a place Bahar loves, and a culinary tale has taken an exciting new twist: home-cooked Persian food delivered to your door. 

Bahar Sarhangi was born and raised in northern Iran and was interested in cooking from an early age. her culinary path is long and winding, involving many countries, but it didn't really start until she studied Persian and European cooking in Tehran.

Persian cuisine is her great passion and first love. Persian flavours are part of Bahar life  – deep in her soul. 

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It's Really Hard To Find Authentic Persian Food, The Homemade Food I Remember From My Mother's Kitchen In The Restaurant, Unless Of Course You're Lucky Enough To Be Invited To An Iranian's Home.

Creating authentic Persian dishes for people to enjoy at home. Preparing everything from scratch, with super-fresh ingredients, and deliver the same day. 

Meal Boxes hope you fall in love with the cuisine of Bahar homeland. 

Meal Box Services 

  • Home delivery
  • Pre-Prepared & Marinated Meals
  • Catering & Events
  • Private chef
  • Pop-ups
  • Mix spices and sauces

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