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Does the system actually work? What are the keys to succeeding in the Restaurant Business?

The key to succeed in the restaurant business is to have a great concept and make sure your numbers are right followed by great management. Within the seven-steps online course we explain in details from creating a concept, how to do the budget and how these they interlink between each other and the locations. 

Will Restaurant Launch Roadmap help me if I'm building a new food business from scratch?

If you are building a new food business from scratch, this course is perfect for you. You will learn the best strategies, systems and secrets to get started and launch successfully. Plus, you will have clarity on what your concept should be and how to make it work. You will also get all templates and files needed to launch. 

Can I update my pre-existing property to make it better on an established location?

You will learn the principals to launch a restaurant from scratch, the good thing about that is that you will be able to analyse if what you have is actually right, and you will be able to understand what and where you need corrections and/or change and adapt the new strategies.

Which tools are used in the course?

In order to attend you need an internet connection, will be live broadcast video, you will also receive files in word, pdf, PowerPoint and excel.  You will be able to download video as well

Are the lessons, strategies and principles covered in the course?

Each lesson will cover, the strategy approach, that you can tailor within your business, you will also learn key principals to keep you motivated and goal focused all the time.

Will there be a recording of the lessons?

Each lesson will be recorder and available for you to watch on our private members area; you will have access to the private are for 12 months. You will be able to download everything in the private area. 

Do we get homework as we go through the seven-week programme?

Yes, you will have workbooks and action guide to follow on each session; you will have to work on what has been discussed and complete tasks. Massimo may pick you and if you wish to have your work critique he will do that live. 

How do I watch the live broadcast?

You will receive a personal invite to a meeting room where Massimo will be teaching live and he will be answering all questions. All you need is an internet connection. 

How is the guarantee refunded if I decide this isn’t for me?

The guarantee is very easy to refund just email us here and we will get that sorted no questions asked. 

How long the Q&A will be if we have lots of questions?

As per experience the Q&A last about 45 minutes, but Massimo will not end the call until he has answered all questions successfully. 

Can I download the recorded videos?

Absolutely the videos are downloadable and it will be very easy for you to do so from our private members area.   

Will I get all related material, workbooks and excel I need?

You will get all related materials needed, all you need is word, pdf, PowerPoint and excel.


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Mark E. Jennings, Jr.

Massimo is the man. He knows restaurants and what they and their clients need better than anyone out there.

Eric Chan | Principal Lecturer, Business Management and Leadership | Regent's University London | Restaurant Keys Consultancy

Prof Eric CK Chan

Massimo's workshop of launching Restaurant Business and venturing into hospitality to MA Luxury Brand Management students - core module - LBM718 - Strategic Management of a Luxury Business Class at Regent's University London. This has been an excellent workshop with practical exercises, insights, tools and useful information. It was a good refresher session for me too. He has shared his knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm and clarity. Students Loved it.

Viviane Adami

While being a university student, Massimo and the Restaurant Keys team have been giving me great support and helped me to expand my career prospects. Now as a graduated Nutritionist, Massimo and the team continues to provide support by sharing their knowledge in food business with great ebooks which answered to all of my questions in planning for the future.

Zane Maertens

Massimo & Judy have been monumental in our development as a business and always have the most positive and professionally relevant answer to any challenge we face within our business, especially in this changing world of hospitality.

Ania Orzech | Restaurant Keys Testimonial

Ania Orzech

I cannot stress enough how amazing this company is! Got all the help & support needed with opening my first restaurant and then later, when I was preparing to expand the concept into a chain. The team at Restaurant Keys will taylor make your offer so that you get exactly what is needed. If you think you cannot afford it, you need to change your mindset: you cannot afford not to use their services. The savings are all too clear, as Restaurant Keys will always perform above expectations.

Pete Reilly

We have been watching and listening to the output of Restaurant Keys for some time and they are undoubtably at the pinnacle of hospitality consultancy.

Madalina Florescu

Thank you very much for all your support that you have offered during the past months. This has been very helpful in order to understand how to manage the opening & business planning of the restaurant.

Matto Gilardoni | Restaurant Keys Testimonial

Matteo Giraldoni

Restaurant Keys is your 1 stop shop. From licensing and planning to training and marketing. They made the entire process really straightforward and were very helpful with my million questions. Very competent and most important honest. Wish Massimo and Judy all the best and looking forward to work with you in the future.

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To learn more About The advanced Restaurant Launch Roadmap,  A seven-week-long intensive and interactive live coaching programme, Click The Button Below For Your Next Step

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